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The Australian Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications

  title={The Australian Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications},
  author={Agnish Dey and A. U.S.},
A number ’a’ is between two numbers x andy if and only ifa is a convex combination of x andy, in other words, it is a "weighted mean" of x andy. Geometric mean, arithmetic mean are well known examples of these "means". Of more recent vintage is the logarithmic mean which has been considered in many articles in the literature. In this note, we first discuss some of its properties. Then we shall introduce the L function and explore the inverse of this function and its connection with the Lambert… 



The Power Mean and the Logarithmic Mean

In a very interesting and recent note, Tung-Po Lin [I] obtained the least value q and the greatest value p such that M <L<M P q is valid for all distinct positive numbers x and y where M (x +.y.)s


The logarithmic mean is generalized for n positive arguments x1, . . . , xn by examining series expansions of typical mean numbers in case n = 2. The generalized logarithmic mean defined as a series

The logarithmic mean

The inequality between the arithmetic mean (AM) and geometric mean (GM) of two positive numbers is well known. This article introduces the logarithmic mean, shows how it leads to refinements of the

The logarithmic mean is a mean

The fact that the logarithmic mean of two positive numbers is a mean, that is, that it lies between those two numbers, is shown to have a number of consequences.

The generalized binomial theorem

The ordinary Binomial Theorem states that for any nonnegative integer n, (1 + x) n = n k=0 n k x k = ∞ k=0 n k x k , where n k =      n(n − 1) · · · (n − k + 1) k! if k ≥ 1; n 0 = 1      ;

The Logarithmic Mean in n Variables

The weighted logarithmic mean

Lambert-W Function

On weighted generalized logarithmic means

An integral representation of Neuman is extended and used to suggest a multidimensional weighted generalized logarithmic mean. Some inequalities are established for such means. A number of known