The Audience in Everyday Life: Living in a Media World

  title={The Audience in Everyday Life: Living in a Media World},
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Integrating Qualitative Methods and Open Science: Five Principles for More Trustworthy Research*
This article contributes to communication research by integrating qualitative methodological literature with open communication science research to identify five broader commitments for all communication research: validity, transparency, ethics, reflexivity, and collaboration.
Negotiating new German identities: transcultural comedy and the construction of pluralistic unity
This article explores the potential of entertainment media as a platform for challenging monolithic conceptions of national identity. Discussions about immigration in Germany usually concentrate on
Gusto musical y espacio social juvenil. Prácticas musicales en Barcelona y Trójmiasto
La tesis tiene como objetivo general estudiar las practicas musicales de jovenes habitantes o en transito en las ciudades de Barcelona y Trojmiasto. La intencion es desvelar logicas de sentido e
Our Bikes in the Middle of the Street: Community-building, Racism and Gentrification in Urban Bicycle Advocacy
This dissertation aims to provide a history of communications studies in the post-modern era by exploring the role of language, culture, and media in the development of identity and identity politics.
Cinematic constructions of the female serial killer: A psychosocial audience study
This project explores the ways in which film viewers engage with and respond to cinematic constructions of the female serial killer, focusing closely upon the story of Aileen Wuornos, who was
Antifandom and the Moral Text
Opposed and yet in some ways similar to the fan is the antifan: he or she who actively and vocally hates or dislikes a given text, personality, or genre. By studying antifan discussion and postings
Fake news, WhatsApp e a vacinação contra febre amarela no Brasil
This article adopts an ethnographic perspective to analyze how users of the Brazilian Unified Health System consume and share information about vaccination, as well as their level of trust in this
“We Couldn’t Do This Without You”: The Filmmaker Experience Engaging, Co-Creating, and Building Community with Their Audiences
This research looks at four different case studies of filmmaker-audience collaboration using narrative and autoethnographic methods. Each separate narrative outlines the individual filmmaker’s
Media scandals, rumour and gossip: A study with an ear close to the ground
The abiding interest of researchers in the nature of mediated scandals continues to provoke discussions of what this phenomenon actually is, and how it is best researched empirically. This article
Haven't you heard?: Connecting through news and journalism in everyday life
Van Facebook tot nieuwsapps en uitgesteld kijken: nog nooit had de Nederlandse nieuwsgebruiker de keuze uit zo’n groot nieuwsaanbod. Daardoor ontstaan vele nieuwe routines, van het checkrondje op de