The Atrium of S. Maria Antiqua, Rome: A History in Art

  title={The Atrium of S. Maria Antiqua, Rome: A History in Art},
  author={J. Osborne},
Archaeoseismological evidence of past earthquakes in Rome (fifth to ninth century A.D.) used to quantify dating uncertainties and coseismic damage
The transformation of Rome during the Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages has been investigated by archaeologists and historians. Social and political changes are the main aspects which led to aExpand
Clerics, Monks and Pilgrims
Hadrian Idux Dei
‘The City of the Church’
The Cult of 'Maria Regina' in Early Medieval Rome
paper delivbered at the international conference on the theme of 'Mater Christi' (Rome, 7-9 October 2004)
Roman Festivals in the Greek East: From the Early Empire to the Middle Byzantine Era
Part I. Festivals in the Greek East Before Constantine: 1. Greek city festivals in the Imperial age 2. Roman festivals in Eastern cities Part II. Roman Festivals in the Greek East After Constantine:Expand
Un estesissimo intervento urbanistico nella Roma dell’inizio del XII secolo e la parziale perdita della « memoria topografica » della città antica
La dimestichezza con la topografia della Roma antica che mostrava, all’inizio dell’eta carolingia, l’autore dell’Itinerario di Einsiedeln, ha ricevuto ampia giustificazione dai risultati delle esteseExpand
Das domitianische Vestibül zwischen Palatin und Forum Romanum
Seit das Forum Romanum und seine antiken Monumente ab dem 19. Jahrhundert in den Fokus einer wissenschaftlichen fundierten Erforschung geruckt war, hat sich die vage, mitunter wehmutige verklarteExpand
The Anglo-Saxon stone sculpture of Mercia as evidence for continental influence and cultural exchange
Scholarship has long considered the style of stone sculpture produced in Mercia during the late eighth and early ninth centuries to reflect the direct influence of artistic activities on theExpand


Athanasius' "Vita Antonii". A Sociological Interpretation
Few patristic works have fired the imagination of generations of readers like the Vita Antonii, a work written by Athanasius some time between 356 and 362. Quite aside from its propagation ofExpand
Athanasius' Vita Antonii
The Roman Catacombs in the Middle Ages
L'uso medievale delle catacombe romane puo essere diviso in tre periodi distinti sulla base della loro funzione. Dal tempo di Costantino fino alla meta del VI secolo, le catacombe venivano usateExpand
The Schola Praeconum II
In questo secondo rapporto sugli scavi della Schola Praeconum in Palatino, gli AA. presentano materiali da due contesti tardo-antichi: SP I , un riempimento datato al periodo 430–440 c. e SP II , un'Expand
An Early Funerary Portrait from the Medieval Abbey at Farfa
The Italian monastery of Farfa was without doubt one of the great abbeys of medieval Europe; yet surprisingly little is known about its physical remains or its artistic production. However, theExpand
Image and Text: The Liturgy of Clerical Ordination in Early Medieval Art
Against the backdrop of the copious representation of clerical ordinations in late medieval pontifical manuscripts, four of the most celebrated and rare early medieval depictions of the same scenesExpand