The Atlas supervisor

  title={The Atlas supervisor},
  author={Tom Kilburn and R. B. Payne and D. J. Howarth},
  booktitle={AFIPS '61 (Eastern)},
This paper gives a brief description of work originating in the Computer Group at Manchester University. Atlas is the name given to a large computing system which can include a variety of peripheral equipments, and an extensive store. All the activities of the system are controlled by a program called the supervisor. Several types of store are used, and the addressing system enables a virtually unlimited amount of each to be included. The primary store consists of magnetic cores with a cycle… 

byteman: A Bitstream Manipulation Framework

This work proposes a resourceful FPGA bitstream manipulation framework that provides means for parsing, modification, and generation of bitstream files, and enables datacenter FPGAs to be used for relocatable PR.

The Atlas milestone

Celebrating virtual memory, which has made such a difference in how we approach programming, memory management, and secure computing.

Confidential computing for OpenPOWER

Protected Execution Facility demonstrates that access control for isolation and cryptography for confidentiality is an effective approach to confidential computing on Power ISA.

The ICL 2900 Computer

Contribution à l'amélioration des méthodes d'optimisation de la gestion de la mémoire dans le cadre du Calcul Haute Performance

L’evolution des architectures des calculateurs actuels est telle que la memoire devient un probleme majeur pour les performances. L’etude decrite dans ce document montre qu’il est deja possible

Design and Implementation of a Xen-Based Execution Environment ∗

This work aims at sticking both concepts together to provide a novel execution environment that is going to provide secure remote execution of applications in user-supplied virtual machines.

Memories of Atlas Fortran

The Atlas Fortran compiler and its associated programming system were intended to ease the transition in 1964 of Harwell's computing work from the then current computers to the new Atlas. To do this,

Privacy and Cybersecurity: The Next 100 Years

The past and the future of privacy and cybersecurity are addressed from four perspectives, by different authors: theory and algorithms, technology, policy, and economics. Each author considers the

On the definition of a theoretical concept of an operating system

We dwell on how a definition of a theoretical concept of an operating system, suitable to be incorporated in a mathematical theory of operating systems, could look like. This is considered a valuable