The Assyrian Pharmaceutical Series URU.AN.NA : MAŠTAKAL*

  title={The Assyrian Pharmaceutical Series URU.AN.NA : MA{\vS}TAKAL*},
  author={James Kinnier Wilson},
  journal={Journal of Near Eastern Studies},
  pages={45 - 52}
  • J. K. Wilson
  • Published 1 January 2005
  • History
  • Journal of Near Eastern Studies
Half a century ago, in the academic year of 1951–52, I had the privilege of preparing under the supervision of Benno Landsberger, and with much help from F. W. Geers, an edition of Uruanna for the Chicago Assyrian Dictionary files. The manuscript that proceeded from this research was never published and did not deserve to be. For one thing, it was based on incomplete sources; for another, it would have been presented with insufficient knowledge. A major deficiency was that I believed (with… 

What reality for animals in the Mesopotamian medical texts? Plant vs animal

Several aspects implied by the study of Fauna in the frame of Mesopotamian medicine are summarized, including the Decknamen theorie, which assumes that some animal names could in fact designate plants.

Medicinal plants of the Bible—revisited

  • A. DafniB. Böck
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine
  • 2019
Examination of the list of possible medicinal plants in the Bible shows that all these plants have been in continuous medicinal use in the Middle East down the generations, as well as being used in the Holy Land today.

Additional Botanical Items in the Ugaritic Texts

Some additional cognates are proposed for accepted meanings and new meanings are suggested for 28 words, including, igy, apn, ar, usqm, iyry, blkn, glgl, grgn, hrb, kd(y), kky, knh, kpltn, kryn, lky, lzy, mry, nktt and possibly hbdn.

Taxonomy and Medicine

  • Vérène Chalendar
  • Linguistics
    Animals and their Relation to Gods, Humans and Things in the Ancient World
  • 2019
Lexical lists are fascinating due to their persistence over time. Included among the first written documents, they survived the abandonment of the Sumerian language as it was relegated to spheres of

A Medico-Magical Text from the Otago Tablets, Dunedin New Zealand

Abstract: Published here for the first time is the jewel of the cuneiform tablet collection of the Otago Museum in Dunedin, New Zealand. This tablet, E2014.62 preserves a rather unique exemplar of

Mesopotamian Medicine and Religion: Current Debates, New Perspectives

The study of Mesopotamian medicine, while unprecedentedly productive, is stuck in a historiographical rut that cognate disciplines left some years ago. I review the current state of the field from a

Hatte die zootherapie ägyptischer und babylonischer pharmakopoen einfluss auf die dreck-apotheke des 17. Jahrhunderts?

La nomenclatura escatologica en las farmacopeas egipcias y mesopotamicas: ?se trata en efecto de presuntos nombres secretos dados a las plantas medicinales para retener el saber en un grupo de



Useful Plants and Drugs of Iran and Iraq

Useful plants and drugs of iran and iraq , Useful plants and drugs of iran and iraq , کتابخانه دیجیتالی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی و خدمات درمانی شهید بهشتی

25 and Mentha spicata, or "spearmint," a cultivated species. Hooper, under Mentha sylvestris, 26 refers to a variety of "mountain mint

  • the Old Testament, 2 Kings 6:25, with the discussion of M. Held
  • 1965

Ein Text medizinischen Inhalts

    It would seem that there is no complementary notice on "mint

    • Plant Wealth of Iraq: A Dictionary of Economic Plants
    • 1976

    -which does not include the answers-and the passages from proverb collections or literary compositions that may be riddles but are not formally marked as such

    • JNES
    • 1973