The Association's Alphabet

  title={The Association's Alphabet},
  journal={Journal of the International Phonetic Association},
  pages={2 - 3}
  • Published 1 June 1976
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of the International Phonetic Association
Voicing of glottal consonants and non-modal vowels
Variation in voicing is common among sounds of the world’s languages: sounds that are analyzed as voiceless can undergo voicing, and those analyzed as voiced can devoice. Among voiceless glottal
Problems in the classification of approximants
It is shown that the approximant feature refers to a phonetic class which includes other subcategories of sounds, such as semi-vowels, rhotics, laterals and a subset of consonants, which points out that the outflow of non-turbulent airstream is caused by either the opening of the organs or the lack of articulatory precision.
THE ORTON CORPUS. A collection of dialect material from the north-east of England
0. l Harold Orton (1898-1975) has long been a household name in English dialectology. He is associated fürst and foremost with the Survey of English Dialects (SED): he was the principal Initiator of
The IPA consonant chart: Mugwumps, holes and therapeutic suggestions
  • C. Henton
  • Linguistics
    Journal of the International Phonetic Association
  • 1987
The focus here is on the consonant chart, for while the representation of vowels has always been more problematic, the theoretical issues are of a different order and should be discussed separately.