The Arya Samaj and Congress Politics in the Punjab, 1894–1908

  title={The Arya Samaj and Congress Politics in the Punjab, 1894–1908},
  author={Norman G. Barrier},
  journal={The Journal of Asian Studies},
  pages={363 - 379}
  • N. G. Barrier
  • Published 1 May 1967
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Asian Studies
Indian historians have tended in the past to explain the origins of nationalism and political activity in the subcontinent in terms of all-India organizations such as the Indian National Congress or in terms of the political thought and background of important national figures. As research on modern India accumulates, however, it is becoming apparent that this limited explanation of Indian political history is no longer adequate. The major regions had their own distinct social and political… 

The Punjab Government and Communal Politics, 1870–1908

One of the most controversial interpretations of recent Indian history is that the British governed the subcontinent through a strategy of divide and rule which led to Hindu-Muslim conflict and

The Hindu Mahasabha and the Indian National Congress, 1915 to 1926

  • R. Gordon
  • Political Science
    Modern Asian Studies
  • 1975
In 1926, when it contested the general elections to the Imperial and Provincial Legislatures for the first time, the Indian National Congress was embroiled in a protracted struggle between rival

The Growth of the Congress Movement in Punjab, 1920–1940

The growth of the Indian National Congress traditionally has been discussed in terms of the spread of nationalism as a sentiment. The development of the Congress movement in Punjab, however, suggests

Tamils and the Nation: India and Sri Lanka Compared

This dissertation examines the divergent trajectories of ethnic and national politics in the Tamil speaking regions of India and Sri Lanka. Despite comparable historical experiences and conditions,

Negotiating the Lucknow Pact

  • H. Owen
  • Political Science
    The Journal of Asian Studies
  • 1972
Despite the bitter legacy of clashes between India's Hindus and Muslims since the 1880's, the alienation of Muslims from the Indian National Congress, which was reflected in die rise of the Muslim

Provincial Urbanity: Intellectuals and Public Life in Patna, 1880-1930

Author(s): Boyk, David Sol | Advisor(s): Bakhle, Janaki | Abstract: Scholarly and popular discussions of cities tend to concentrate on the largest exemplars—Bombay and Calcutta, in the case of South

‘The Malicious Arya’? Pundit Lekhramjī’s Portrayal of Christianity in the 19th Century South Asia

This paper focusses on the first two volumes of Pundit Lekhramji’s collected works, kulliyat. Its main argument is that contrary to the position of Ahmadis and secondary scholarship, Lekhram did not


This article explores a subaltern framework to examine language, religion, and power among contemporary Sikh movements, such as the Udasis, that oppose the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabhandak Committee

The Punjab Boundary Force and the Problem of Order, August 1947

The Punjab Boundary Force, which represented the last incarnation of the old British Indian Army, had an operational existence of thirty-two days, from 1 August to 1 September 1947, inclusive. That

Religion and Conflict in Modern South Asia

  • W. Gould
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 2011
1. Introduction: community and conflict in South Asia 2. Building spheres of community: 1860s-1910s 3. Transforming spheres of community: the post First World War world 4. Nationalising spheres of



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