The Arthus reaction in cats deficient in Hageman factor (factor XII).

  title={The Arthus reaction in cats deficient in Hageman factor (factor XII).},
  author={Ann B. Kier and Jeffrey J. McDonnell and Andrew Stern and Oscar D. Ratnoff},
  journal={Journal of comparative pathology},
  volume={102 1},
A study was made of the Arthus reaction in an animal model of Hageman-factor deficiency, namely Hageman trait cats, and in control cats with normal Hageman-factor activity. At three time points, there was a significant decrease (P less than 0.01) in the size of the cutaneous Arthus reaction to chicken red blood cells in biopsies from Hageman trait cats compared with the reaction in biopsies from control animals. Injection of a positive control, histamine, and a negative control, phosphate… CONTINUE READING

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