The Arthroscopic Surgical Skill Evaluation Tool (ASSET).

  title={The Arthroscopic Surgical Skill Evaluation Tool (ASSET).},
  author={Ryan J Koehler and Simon L Amsdell and Elizabeth Anne Arendt and Leslie John Bisson and Jonathan P. Braman and Aaron M Butler and Andrew John Cosgarea and Christopher Dechant Harner and W. E. Garrett and Tyson Olson and Winston J. Warme and Gregg Nicandri},
  journal={The American journal of sports medicine},
  volume={41 6},
BACKGROUND Surgeries employing arthroscopic techniques are among the most commonly performed in orthopaedic clinical practice; however, valid and reliable methods of assessing the arthroscopic skill of orthopaedic surgeons are lacking. HYPOTHESIS The Arthroscopic Surgery Skill Evaluation Tool (ASSET) will demonstrate content validity, concurrent criterion-oriented validity, and reliability when used to assess the technical ability of surgeons performing diagnostic knee arthroscopic surgery on… CONTINUE READING