The Art of Reframing Political Debates

  title={The Art of Reframing Political Debates},
  author={Charlotte Ryan and William A. Gamson},
  pages={13 - 18}
Activists cannot build political power simply by framing their message in ways that resonate with broader cultural values. To succeed, framing strategies must be integrated with broader movement-building efforts. 
Public Narratives and the Construction of Memory Among European Muslims
This chapter draws on group and individual interviews with 735 European Muslims in 5 European countries and explores some key aspects of the politics of memory that form an inextricable component ofExpand
When They Return: Framing the Argument for Inclusion
Adherence to an authentic person-in-environment perspective remains a challenge. Advocating for increased institutional resources to meet basic needs is at odds with an ideological environment thatExpand
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Social Movements, Cultural Narratives, and Interpretation
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US Aid and gender equality: social movement vs civil society models of funding
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The Indignados and Occupy Wall Street Social Movements: Global Opposition to the Neoliberalization of Society as Enabled by Digital Technology
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Reframing Public Discourses for Peace and Justice
Adiscourse can be conceptualized as an evolving way that people think and talk about a given aspect of reality, which influences their perceptions and social practices in relation to that aspect ofExpand
Rethinking Social Movements
This chapter is concerned with the study of social movements. North American social movement studies have undergone a number of iterations. In general, however, they tend towards narrowExpand
Grassroots for Hire: Public Affairs Consultants in American Democracy
Acknowledgements Part I. Sources: 1. Grassroots from the top down 2. Defining the field and its implications 3. The formation of a grassroots industry Part II. Structure: 4. Methods for mobilizingExpand
Social Democracy and the Crisis of Equality: The Background
  • Carol Johnson
  • Political Science
  • Social Democracy and the Crisis of Equality
  • 2019
Social democratic parties face two main crises of equality. Firstly, their central mission involved reducing economic inequality under capitalism, yet economic inequality is increasing. Secondly,Expand


The Right and the Righteous: The Christian Right Confronts the Republican Party
Chapter 1 List of Tables Chapter 2 Acknowledgments Chapter 3 Introduction Chapter 4 Setting the Stage for the Christian Right: Evangelicals and American Society Chapter 5 A Constituency AwakensExpand
Start Small, Build Big: Negotiating Opportunities in Media Markets
We track the strategic choices of Rhode Island Coalition against Domestic Violence (RICADV), a statewide collective actor working in one media market to expand opportunities to promote its mission.Expand
Popularizes many of the most important insights of frame analysis, but implicitly adopts a social-marketing model that ignores movement-building and power inequalities
  • 2004
Detailed discussion of how the RICADV built its media capacity and sys
  • $10 billion Amount distributed as of late 2005: $
  • 2003
Offers succinct and practical lessons for journalists on the reporting of domestic violence
  • Domestic Violence: A Handbook for Journalists
  • 2000
Describes the methodical movement-building process that helped the Christian Right succeed in its reframing effort
  • 1996
Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RICADV)