The Art of Botanical Illustration

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First published in 1950, this required work on the subject was probably the first attempt to present a general survey of the development of botanical illustration from the crude scratchings of paleohthic man down to the highly scientific work of the day. Between the purely botanic drawing and the purely artistic painting lies a vast body of drawings and paintings with a combined scientific and aesthetic appeal, and it is this wide range of illustration that Wilfred Blunt explored and recorded… 
A Millenium and a Half of Fern Illustrations
The history of fern illustration is part of the history of western botanical illustration, and an important theme becomes evident: technological advances pave the way for a growth of knowledge and more accurate perception.
Draughtsmen, botanists and nature: constructing eighteenth-century botanical illustrations.
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Botanical illustration and photography: a southern hemisphere perspective
An analysis of all digitally available papers in Nuytsia, the Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Garden, Muelleria, Telopea, Austrobaileya and Systematic Botany established that, although photographic illustrations have increased since 2000, botanical illustrations have not always diminished.
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Leonardo da Vinci was evidently interested in the theme of Leda and the swan. There was a documented cartoon for a projected painting of the subject, and several extant contemporary copies
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This thesis studies botanical illustration by Canadian women between 1830 and 1930 from three aspects: the gendered history of botany from its beginnings as a general practice that later turned into
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No matter how rigorous a naturalist may be in his scientific work, there are always moments when he senses the aesthetic character of the objects he studies. It may even be safely conjectured that
Life lines: An art history of biological research around 1800.
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Early scientific illustrations of the Macaronesian flora: An introduction to pre-19th century artworks
The natural history of the Macaronesian Islands has attracted the attention of European naturalists for a long time, as the islands harbour a unique flora and fauna not found in the mainland. As a