The ArsD As(III) metallochaperone

  title={The ArsD As(III) metallochaperone},
  author={A. Abdul Ajees and Jian-bo Yang and Barry P. Rosen},
Arsenic, a toxic metalloid widely existing in the environment, causes a variety of health problems. The ars operon encoded by Escherichia coli plasmid R773 has arsD and arsA genes, where ArsA is an ATPase that is the catalytic subunit of the ArsAB As(III) extrusion pump, and ArsD is an arsenic chaperone for ArsA. ArsD transfers As(III) to ArsA and increases the affinity of ArsA for As(III), allowing resistance to environmental concentrations of arsenic. Cys12, Cys13 and Cys18 in ArsD form a… CONTINUE READING


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Genetic mapping of the interface between the ArsD metallochaperone and the ArsA ATPase

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Step 2 As(III)-bound ArsD binds to the open form of ArsA. Step 3 As(III) is transferred in a step-wise

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