The Aromânians: an ethnos and language with a 2000-year history

  title={The Arom{\^a}nians: an ethnos and language with a 2000-year history},
  author={Nikolai Kyurkchiev},
Abstract The Aromânians are one of the small ethnic groups in Bulgaria: an ancient Balkan people which, as a result of migration and the vicissitudes of history, dispersed across the Balkan Peninsula, creating diasporas in Macedonia, Greece, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. In the course of migration, the Aromânians preserved traditional trades, the majority employed in nomadic sheep and horse breeding, which eventually evolved into transhumant and Alpine. Another part practiced trade… 
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1.1. Romania (RO) borders Ukraine in the north and east, Moldavia in the north-east, the Black Sea in the southeast, Bulgaria in the south, Serbia in the south-west and Hungary in the north-west. A
The Origin and Spread of Locative Determiner Omission in the Balkan Linguistic Area
Author(s): Prendergast, Eric Heath | Advisor(s): Mikkelsen, Line | Abstract: This dissertation analyzes an unusual grammatical pattern that I call locative determiner omission, which is found in


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