The Armenians and Ottoman Military Policy, 1915

  title={The Armenians and Ottoman Military Policy, 1915},
  author={Edward J. Erickson},
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Mainstream western scholarship maintains that the Armenian insurrection of 1915 was never an actual threat to the security of the Ottoman state in the First World War and that the relocation of the Armenians of eastern Anatolia was unnecessary. In truth, no study of the Armenian insurrection and its effect on Ottoman military policy has ever been conducted. This article examines the Ottoman army's lines of communications architecture and logistics posture in eastern Anatolia in 1915. Armenian… 
The Armenian Relocations and Ottoman National Security: Military Necessity or Excuse for Genocide?
Professor William A. Schabas has provided a lens through which the modern world might compare atrocities committed in the past with the intent and terminology of contemporary international law. In my
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Migration has been common throughout human history and has been part of Armenian history for many centuries in varying degrees. However, at the end of the 19th century and in the early years of the
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engage in ethnic cleansing or genocide during wars whereas others do not?1 This question is important for both practical and theoretical reasons. From a practical perspective, mass ethnic violence
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After Atatürk’s death (November 10, 1938), the Turkish military saw itself as the unquestioned sole guardian of Atatürk’s principles - secularism and national unity. The Turkish military protected
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The Ottoman Empire entered the war in October 1914. Once the military authorities had pronounced the war to be a Jihad, Christian and Jewish soldiers were removed from their military units and sent
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This essay assesses the several phases of denial from the time of the 1915 Armenian Genocide to the present, with emphasis on the most recent stage and contemporary deniers in the United States. The
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The situation in Turkey with respect to Turks, Armenians and Greeks alike meets all the terms of the classic definition of tragedy, the tragedy of fate. A curse has been laid upon all populations and
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The catastrophe of the First World War, and the destruction, revolution, and enduring hostilities it wrought, make the issue of its origins a perennial puzzle. Since World War II, Germany has been
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Turkey’s and Sudan’s governments use similar genocide denial tactics. This article, by closely examining Turkey’s tactic of claiming an Armenian rebellion, can help scholars combat similar claims by


Ordered to Die: A History of the Ottoman Amry in the First World War
Army on the Brink, 1908-1914 Plans The Early Offensives, November 1914-March 1915 Under Attack, April 1915-January 1916 High Tide, January 1916-December 1916 Strategic Pause, January 1917-December
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