The Armenian enigma

  title={The Armenian enigma},
  author={A Hasanzadeh Khanbaghi},
  journal={Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies},
  • A. Khanbaghi
  • Published 19 June 2017
  • History
  • Cambridge Journal of Eurasian Studies
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The Designs of Józef Mehoffer for the Armenian Cathedral in Lvov (1907-1913): Circumstances, Sources of Inspiration and Execution

During the episcopal rule of Archbishop Jozef Teodorowicz, in the years 1902–1938, and on his initiative, the Armenian cathedral in Lvov, a church dating back to the fourteenth century, underwent a

Raden Saleh, témoin de la société arménienne de Java

The patient reconstitution of the works of the painter Raden Saleh carried out by Archipel since 1997 has revealed an unexpected large number of canvases. Besides already known hunting scenes, fights

Armenians and Jews in medieval Lvov : Their role in oriental trade, 1400-1600

Eleonora Nadel-Golobic, Armeniens et Juifs a Lvov au Moyen Age. Leur role dans le commerce avec l'Orient, 1400-1600. ; Au cours de la periode consideree, Lvov commerca avec la Moldavie et avec la

The Armenians and the East India Company in Persia in the Seventeenth and Early Eighteenth Centuries

depuis la Perse jusqu'au Bosphore les Armeniens sont presents dans toutes les villes importantes. Ils y jouent un role d'intermediares entre leurs compatriotes commergants et les negociants d'autres

The Armenian Renaissance, 1500-1863