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The Argument from Species Overlap

  title={The Argument from Species Overlap},
  author={Jesse J. Ehnert},
The ‘argument from species overlap’ (abbreviated ASO) claims that some human and nonhuman animals possess similar sets of morally relevant characteristics, and are therefore similarly morally significant. The argument stands as a general challenge to moral theories, because many theories hold that all humans possess greater moral significance than all nonhuman animals. In this thesis I discuss responses to the ASO, primarily those of Peter Carruthers, Tom Regan, Evelyn Pluhar, and Peter Singer… 

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In spite of the considerable literature nowadays existing on the issue of the moral exclusion of nonhuman animals, there is still work to be done concerning the characterization of the conceptual

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In Beyond Prejudice , Evelyn B. Pluhar defends the view that any sentient conative being—one capable of caring about what happens to him or herself—is morally significant, a view that supports the

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I shall argue in this essay that the lives and sufferings of non-human animals (hereafter “animals”) make no direct moral claims on us. At the same time I shall argue that the lives and sufferings of

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This book challenges, with several powerful arguments, some of our deepest beliefs about rationality, morality, and personal identity. The author claims that we have a false view of our own nature;

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List of contributors Preface 1. Value, welfare and morality R. G. Frey and Christopher W. Morris 2. The land of lost content Simon Blackburn 3. Putting rationality in its place Warren Quinn 4. Can a

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It is one thing to say that the suffering of non‐human animals ought to be considered equally with the like suffering of humans; quite another to decide how the wrongness of killing non‐human animals

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1. A short primer on animal ethics 2. The coherence model of ethical justification 3. Animals' moral status and the issue of equal consideration 4. Motivation and methods for studying animal minds 5.

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There are, I know, people who profess to believe in animal rights but do not avow these goals. Factory farming, they say, is wrong—it violates animals’ rights—but traditional animal agriculture is

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The Human Rights Internship Program (http://humanrights.uchicago.edu/internships/) provides funded summer fellowships to College, graduate, and professional students to gain hands-on experience at

A terminological proposal

While preparing a book on combinatorial algorithms, the author felt a strong need for a new technical term, a word which is essentially a one-sided version of polynomial complete, and decided it would be best to establish such a term as soon as possible.