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The Architecture of Image: Existential Space in Cinema

  title={The Architecture of Image: Existential Space in Cinema},
  author={Juhani Pallasmaa},
The Architecture of Image explores the shared experiential ground of architecture and cinema through the notion of existential space. Cinema projects experientially true images of life, whereas architecture frames human existence and provides a horizon of understanding the human condition. Both art forms poeticize existential experience. The Architecture of Image opens up an unexplored territory of architectural expression, while simultaneously revealing the essential role of architectural… 
Screen architecture : a phenomenology of dread atmospheres in thriller films
By looking at thriller films, and establishing their relationship to suspense, my thesis examines the construction of dread atmosphere and how it enables the viewer to become part of that atmosphere.
Representation of Architectural Space in Asghar Farhadi’s Cinema Based on Semiotics Approach Case Study: “The Salesman” Movie*
Statement of the problem: In recent years, the increasing closeness between architecture and cinema disciplines the characteristics and mutual effects of which have been fully understood, has become
Table of Contents.
The thesis questions whether the architectural promenade can create an enhanced and holistic experience for the users of a building and its accompanying site and addresses the complex and interwoven relationship between the virtual world of cinema and the built environment.
The Best of All Worlds?: Representing Space and Belonging in Luis Buñuel’s Mexican Cinema
This thesis seeks to revisit the Mexican films of the Spanish film director Luis ​ Buñuel in order to show that a concerted focus on space, an important aspect of ​ the films’ narratives that is
Embodied Emotions: Observations and Experiments in Architecture and Corporeality
This thesis is dedicated to the topic of the relationship between the Body and Architecture, in particular regarding the contemporary “embodied mind” theory. It includes a theoretical review on the
The City on Screen: A Methodological Approach on Cinematic City Studies
The city has a strong memory and it never forgets its own experiences. The past, the present and the future of the city can be read in its streets, buildings, sounds, myths, rhythms and stories. More
Portraying the Black Pope: Style and Politics in Paolo Sorrentino’s Il Divo
ABSTRACT The present article argues that the debate on the politics and aesthetics of Paolo Sorrentino’s Il Divo would benefit from the introduction of the categories of such constructivist film
Filmic Constructions of Religious Spaces: Churches as Settings for Trauma, Change, and Redemption
Building on current research into space and film, this article explores the construction of traditional religious spaces in contemporary Nordic films. The focus is on one film, Letters to Father
Constructing a Cinematic World: The Role of Architecture in Park Chan Wook's Feature Films, 1992-2016
of a thesis at the University of Miami. Thesis supervised by Professor Richard T. John No. of pages in text. (250) Park Chan Wook is one of South Korea’s foremost contemporary film directors. This
Disability and otherization: readings on cinema in the light of UD principles
Cinema and architecture are universal with their inclusiveness in the mental process. The mental process is often generated by the sense of sight in modern times. In this sense, cinema, as a visual


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