The Architecture of Ariel Sharon

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Neoliberal Settlement as Violent State Project: West Bank Settlement Homes and Real Estate Occupation
Intense ideological debates over the legal status of West Bank settlements and political campaigns objecting to or demanding their removal largely neglect the underlying capitalist processes that
The community settlement: a neo-rural territorial tool
ABSTRACT The Israeli Community Settlements are small-scale non-agricultural villages that consist of a limited number of families and a homogenous character. This method began to be used by the
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This article reflects on the potential of urban design to contribute to spatializing the theory of agonistic democracy grounding this reflection by three specific urban practices that have emerged
Refugee Housing Without Exception
South Africa experienced a recent wave of xenophobic violence in April 2015. Those fomenting violence were mostly Black Africans with South African citizenship targeting Africans from other parts of
Urban planning approaches in divided cities
This paper provides a comparative analysis of planning approaches in divided cities in order to investigate the role of planning in alleviating or exacerbating urban division in these societies. It
Urban Upgrading in a Context of Violence: Perceptions of Security and Physical Space in the Case of the Favela-Bairro in Rio de Janeiro
Spaces of informality, such as favelas, barriadas and tugurios are seen by media, municipalities and security institutions as dangerous places. Today municipalities and international agencies use new
Physical space and its role in the production and reproduction of violence in the "slum wars" in Medellin, Colombia (1970s-2013)
Thesis: Ph. D. in Urban and Regional Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, 2014.
The role of Urban Upgrading in Latin America as warfare tool against the “Slums Wars”
This paper explores the rhetorical similitudes in two fields not usually examined together: new practices of multi-level urban upgrading in Latin America and contra insurgence urban warfare the- ory
From Sharon to Sharon: Spatial planning and separation regime in Israel/Palestine
Two personalities, more than any other, represent the history of Israeli spatial planning: Arieh and Ariel Sharon. Both have had an enormous impact on the political, military and legal geographies of