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The Archaeology of Ethnicity: Constructing Identities in the Past and Present

  title={The Archaeology of Ethnicity: Constructing Identities in the Past and Present},
  author={Si{\^a}n Jones},
The question of ethnicity is highly controversial in contemporary archaeology. Indigenous and nationalist claims to territory, often rely on reconstructions of the past based on the traditional identification of 'cultures' from archaeological remains. Sian Jones responds to the need for a reassessment of the ways in which social groups are identified in the archaeological record, with a comprehensive and critical synthesis of recent theories of ethnicity in the human sciences. In doing so, she… 
Encounters and Enclosures: Archaeological Approaches to Social Identities in the Past and Present
These two collections may seem to be worlds apart. One self-consciously explores the nature of archaeology and its role in modern constructions of “Europe.” The other has no qualms about archaeology
Ethnicity and Iberians: The Archaeological Crossroads between Perception and Material Culture
A re-evaluation of how ethnicity is currently understood in archaeology is necessary in view of recent developments in the archaeology of identity. In this article, it will be argued that nationalism
Towards an Archaeology of Ethnicity
In the last two decades the search for ethnicity through material culture has enjoyed a renewed boom in Archaeology. This process, which goes hand in hand with a reformulation of the concept in the
Names and emblems: Greek archaeology, regional identities and national narratives at the turn of the 20th century
Introduction As a discipline concerned with the past, and especially the remote past, archaeology is in a unique position to contribute to the growing discussion on nationalism and the formation of
Public archaeology from a Latin American perspective
Abstract The paper deals with public archaeology in Latin America, understood as an enquiry: who benefits from archaeology? It focuses on the relationship between archaeologists and indigenous
Thinker-tinkers, race and the archaeological critique of modernity
  • S. Dawdy
  • Sociology
    Archaeological Dialogues
  • 2005
A new sub-field in the archaeology of race has been emerging among historical archaeologists based in the US and South Africa. A review of this literature, put into play with some thoughts from Ralph
Ethnic Identity in Greek Antiquity
  • J. Hall
  • Sociology
    Cambridge Archaeological Journal
  • 1998
How should archaeologists approach ethnicity? This concept, which has such wide currency in social and anthropological studies, remains elusive when we seek to apply it to the archaeological past.
Ceramic Traditions and Ethnicity in the Niger Bend, West Africa
Abstract While anthropologists and historians have clearly underlined the dynamics of human groups, ethnoarchaeologists have emphasized the stability of modes of transmission of technical knowledge
The Archaeology of Ethnogenesis
Over more than a century, a growing body of books, articles, and dissertations has emerged that can now be recognized as part of the archaeology of ethnogenesis. Regardless of whether this work