The Archaeology of Benin

  title={The Archaeology of Benin},
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Enclosures of Northern Yorubaland, Nigeria
Fortifications, especially enclosing walls, are common features in large African political centers and have been widely studied (Connah, 1975; Ozanne, 1969; Posnansky, 1969; Soper & Darling, 1980;Expand
Enclosures of the Old Oyo Empire, Nigeria
According to the oral tradition of Oyo people, Koso was a former capital city of the Oyo Empire. There are three earlier capitals near the Niger River. The people moved to Koso for security reasonsExpand
An Ethnographic and Space Syntax Analysis of Benin Kingdom Nobility Architecture
The Benin kingdom is noted for its sophisticated brass art, large earthwork system, and complex political hierarchy. The kingdom style of nobility architecture has endured for hundreds of years, andExpand
Chemical analysis, chronology, and context of a European glass bead assemblage from Garumele, Niger
Abstract Garumele, also known as Wudi, in the Republic of Niger, is reputed to have been a capital of the Kanem–Borno ‘empire’ and was visited by various European travelers in the 19th century.Expand
Current Perspectives in the Archaeology of Ghana
This collection of essays on archaeology and heritage studies is authored by local and expatriate scholars who are either past or current practitioners in archaeological work in Ghana. The subjectExpand
Artefacts of Exchange: A Multiscalar Approach to Maritime Archaeology at Elmina, Ghana
iron objects excavated in a burial by John Giblin and dated to c. AD 400 offers a first insight into the iron metal being produced and the smithing techniques employed at that time. Furthermore, thisExpand