The Arabs and Swahili Culture

  title={The Arabs and Swahili Culture},
  author={Lyndon P. Harries},
  pages={224 - 229}
Opening Paragraph Swahili culture can be roughly defined as the culture of the Swahili-speaking peoples of the East African coast whose activities show features of Perso-Arabian origin, features that are foreign to the culture of other Bantu peoples of East Africa. It cannot be described simply as Bantu culture plus Perso-Arabian elements, for some Swahilis have excluded from their way of life anything that can be labelled as Bantu; they may have Bantu blood, but their whole way of life is… 

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Opening Paragraph Definitional questions, such as ‘Who are the Waswahili’, posed by Eastman (1971) in this journal, appear to have been of little interest in the past, as many social anthropologists

The Indian Ocean and Swahili Coast coins, international networks and local developments

The distinctive coinage of the Swahili Coast (c. 800–1500) has for a long time been seen as a barbarized coinage on the edge of the Islamic world, a product of colonial settlements of Arabs and

Bibliography on Islam in contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa

This book has been nominated for the Conover-Porter Award 2008 - This bibliography on Islam in contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa has been prepared as part of the African Studies Centre/Centre d'Etude

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Several years ago, Derek Nurse and I began to consider the increasing need to make revisions to our book, The Swahili: Reconstructing the History and Language of an African Society, 800-1500. We knew

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For any nation or civilisation to prosper, a tangible harmony has to be fostered between cultural evolution and resource development and a key element of this is the development of human resources