The Arabidopsis COMATOSE locus regulates germination potential.

  title={The Arabidopsis COMATOSE locus regulates germination potential.},
  author={Laurel Russell and Victoria S Larner and Smita Kurup and Sue Bougourd and Michael J Holdsworth},
  volume={127 17},
Mutation of the COMATOSE locus in Arabidopsis results in a marked reduction in germination potential. Whilst the morphology of comatose (cts) embryos is not altered, physiological analysis reveals that mature cts seeds do not respond to gibberellin. Prolonged chilling of imbibed seeds only partially restores germination potential, and seeds do not after ripen. Genetic analysis shows that the cts phenotype is expressed in the embryo and phenotypic differences between wild-type and mutant plants… CONTINUE READING