The Arab at home

  title={The Arab at home},
  author={P. W. Harrison}
Shaikhly Authority in the Pre‐oil Gulf: An Historical–Anthropological Study
This article provides a comprehensive synthesis of existing studies of rulership and political allegiance in the Arabian Gulf before oil. It examines the main factors affecting the shaikhs’ authorityExpand
Danes, Orientalism and the Modern Middle East Perspectives from the Nordic Periphery
In 1978, Edward W. Said (1935-2003), Professor of Comparative Literature at Columbia University, published his now famous book, Orientalism. Intended as an indictment of the dichotomization of EastExpand
Sideshows at the Center - British Campaigns in the Middle East during the Great War
  • P. Satia
  • History
  • Annales (English ed.)
  • 2016
This article places the Middle East campaigns at the heart of the effort to understand the First World War's cultural impact in Britain. By doing so, it shows that the effects typically attributed toExpand
The Crowded Desert: a multi-phase archaeological survey in the north-west of Qatar
The first season of the Crowded Desert Project has been made possible thanks to the generous funding of UCL Qatar and the Qatar Foundation and the enthusiastic support of Qatar Museums. FutureExpand
Dubai?s rapid double-digit economic growth was severely challenged by the global financial crisis of 2007, which raised many concerns questioning the sustainability of the Dubai model of economicExpand
Indian Ocean slavery in the age of abolition
While the British were able to accomplish abolition in the trans-Atlantic world by the end of the nineteenth century, their efforts paradoxically caused a great increase in legal and illegal slaveExpand
The malaria transition on the Arabian Peninsula: progress toward a malaria-free region between 1960-2010.
The speed of elimination, approaches taken, the shrinking map of risk since 1960, and the threats posed to a malaria-free Arabian Peninsula are reviewed and discussed using the archive material, case data and published works. Expand
What He Thought…What He Did: An Archaeological Study of the Persian Gulf Coasts Colonial Sites of Sheikh Khazal Khan in the Early Twentieth Century
Iranian colonial sites on Persian Gulf coasts include eighteenth-century Portuguese fortresses and graveyards on the islands of Hormoz and Qeshm and twentieth-century British colonial missions inExpand
The Discourse and Experience of the Arabian Mission's Medical Missionaries: Part I 1920–39
In 1889 the pioneers of the Arabian Mission – a mission under the direction of the Reformed Church in America – arrived in Arabia with the aim of Christianizing Muslims of the Najd and ArabianExpand
Britain and the Gulf Shaikhdoms, 1820-1971: The Politics of Protection
This article examines Britain’s protection of Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the Trucial States (United Arab Emirates), and Oman during the era of British hegemony in the region: 1820–1971. It argues thatExpand