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The Apertif Radio Transient System (ARTS): Design, Commissioning, Data Release, and Detection of the first 5 Fast Radio Bursts

  title={The Apertif Radio Transient System (ARTS): Design, Commissioning, Data Release, and Detection of the first 5 Fast Radio Bursts},
  author={Joeri van Leeuwen and Eric Kooistra and L. C. Oostrum and Liam Connor and Jonathan Hargreaves and Yogesh Maan and In{\'e}s Pastor-Marazuela and Emily Petroff and D. van der Schuur and Alessio Sclocco and Samayra M. Straal and Dany Vohl and Stefan J. Wijnholds and Elizabeth A. K. Adams and Bj{\"o}rn Adebahr and J. J. Attema and C. G. Bassa and Jeanette Bast and Anna V. Bilous and W.J.G. de Blok and O. M. Boersma and A. H. W. M. Coolen and Helga D'enes and S. Damstra and J.-P. de Reijer and D. W. Gardenier and Yan Guillaume Grange and Andre W. Gunst and Kelley M. Hess and H. Holties and Boudewijn Hut and Alexander M. Kutkin and G Marcel Loose and Danielle Lucero and 'A. Mika and Klim Mikhailov and Raffaella Morganti and Vanessa A. Moss and H. Mulder and Menno Norden and Tom Oosterloo and Emaneula Orr'u and Zsolt Paragi and Arno Schoenmakers and Klaas Stuurwold and Sander ter Veen and W. A. van Cappellen and J. M. van der Hulst and Ger van Diepen and Yu Wang and Anneke Zanting and J. Ziemke},
Fast Radio Bursts must be powered by uniquely energetic emission mechanisms. This requirement has eliminated a number of possible source types, but several remain. Identifying the physical nature of Fast Radio Burst (FRB) emitters arguably requires good localisation of more detections, and broadband studies enabled by real-time alerting. We here present the Apertif Radio Transient System (ARTS), a supercomputing radio-telescope instrument that performs real-time FRB detection and localisation… 


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