The Apachean Verb, Part III: The Classifiers

  title={The Apachean Verb, Part III: The Classifiers},
  author={H. Hoijer},
  journal={International Journal of American Linguistics},
  pages={51 - 59}
  • H. Hoijer
  • Published 1946
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of American Linguistics
1. All Apachean verb constructions belong to one or other of four verb classes. These may be differentiated in part by the classifier appearing in position 13, in part by the subject pronoun set used in the perfective paradigm, and in part by certain morphophonemic contractions and assimilations involving modal prefixes, subject pronoun prefixes, and the initial consonant of the stem.1 Each class is named in terms of the classifier employed, even though in some of the Apachean languages that… Expand
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