The Antikythera Mechanism reconsidered

  title={The Antikythera Mechanism reconsidered},
  author={M. T. Wright},
  journal={Interdisciplinary Science Reviews},
  pages={27 - 43}
  • M. T. Wright
  • Published 2007
  • Sociology
  • Interdisciplinary Science Reviews
  • Abstract The Antikythera Mechanism, the world's oldest known geared mechanism, became widely known through the work of Derek Price who, concluding that its dials yielded astronomical and calendrical information, called it a 'calendar computer'. Price rightly drew attention to its importance as direct evidence for a high level of mechanical accomplishment in ancient times, but his account of the instrument itself is deficient. I have developed a new reconstruction on the basis of an independent… CONTINUE READING
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    1947–2002, latterly Associate Professor, Basser Department of Computer Science, University of Sydney, Australia
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    A contrate wheel is a gear wheel with the teeth projecting axially from one face
      A first discussion of the evidence for alteration may be found in MTW XII. The question is pursued further in another paper
        A planetarium display for the Antikythera Mechanism
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        A reverted train is turned back so that its ends connect concentric mobiles. The commonest example is the set of gears connecting the hour and minute hands of a conventional clock or watch dial
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