The Antikythera Mechanism: From the bottom of the sea to the scrutiny of modern technology

  title={The Antikythera Mechanism: From the bottom of the sea to the scrutiny of modern technology},
  author={John H. Seiradakis},
The Antikythera Mechanism is an ancient greek analogue astronomical computer. Using a handle, probably similar to a doorknob, the user could insert an input date on a dial in its front side. The calculations were made using a set of gears (at least 30), and the results were displayed on several scientific scales. It was used to calculate the diurnal and annual motion of the Sun, the Moon and (most probably) the planets among the stars. It put into practice the astronomical knowledge of ancient… Expand

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  • Vlachogianni & P. Bouyia (eds), The Antikythera Shipwreck, National Archaeological Museum, Athens
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