The Anthropology of the Enlightenment

  title={The Anthropology of the Enlightenment},
  author={L. Wolff and M. Cipolloni},
Contents PREFACE iiii Contributors iiii INTRODUCTION 1 Chapter One Discovering Cultural Perspective: The Intellectual History of Anthropological Thought in the Age of Enlightenment Larry Wolff PART I: Philosophical History and Enlightened Anthropology Chapter Two Barbarians and the Redefinition of Europe: A Study of Gibbon's Third Volume J. G. A. Pocock Chapter Three The Immobility of China: Orientalism and Occidentalism in the Enlightenment Anthony Pagden Chapter Four Doux Commerce, Douce… Expand
Horizons of Modernity: British Anthropology and the End of Empire
This dissertation charts the ways in which the non-West came to be thought of as part of the modern world in the late British Empire, how that project became politically unfeasible duringExpand
The Erasure of the Middle Ages from Anthropology's Intellectual Genealogy
This essay explores the curious absence of Middle Ages from the history of anthropological thought. An investigation of disciplinary histories reveals while anthropology's intellectual origins areExpand
The Oxymoron of American Pastoralism
P has been variously defined in American literary studies. In European literature the pastoral persisted as a distinct genre and self-conscious literary tradition from Theocritus and Virgil throughExpand
Organizing International Society: The French Peace Movement and the Origins of Reformist Internationalism, 1821-1853
Author(s): Lincoln, Vanessa Fabius | Advisor(s): Hesse, Carla A | Abstract: This dissertation seeks to contribute to the history of internationalism through an examination of the early nineteenthExpand
Bridging the gap in French romantic representations of blackness 1750-1880 : the male mulatto in French literature
This dissertation traces the evolution of the male mulatto in literature from his appearance in the early nineteenth century to his sudden disappearance in the late 1880's. In this dissertation IExpand
The First Global Turn: Chinese Contributions to Enlightenment World History
Abstract:This article argues that certain Enlightenment approaches to world history developed through engagement with Chinese texts. In the eighteenth century, two French savants, Michel-Ange le RouxExpand
Montpellier Vitalism and the Emergence of Alienism in France (1750–1800): The Case of the Passions
  • P. Huneman
  • Medicine, Philosophy
  • Science in Context
  • 2008
How certain ideas elaborated by the Montpellier vitalists influenced the rise of French alienism is considered, and how those ideas framed the changing view of passions during the eighteenth century. Expand
Self-Othering in German Orientalism: The Case of Friedrich Schlegel
In the 1960s and '70s, a number of scholars began to pay careful attention to German cultural constructions of the "Orient" in the literary and philosophical works from the Baroque period toExpand
The Material Soul: Strategies for Naturalising the Soul in an Early Modern Epicurean Context
We usually portray the early modern period as one characterised by the ‘birth of subjectivity’ with Luther and Descartes as two alternate representatives of this radical break with the past, eachExpand
Introduction: New Models for Indo-German Scholarship Within the Critical Reappraisal of Orientalism
The study of German Orientalism has had a conflicted relationship with the Saidian mode of inquiry, from Edward Said's initial omission of the German role in Orientalism in his pioneering 1978 bookExpand