The Anthropic Cosmological Principle

  title={The Anthropic Cosmological Principle},
  author={John D. Barrow and Frank Tipler and James L. Anderson},
Is there any connection between the vastness of the universes of stars and galaxies and the existence of life on a small planet out in the suburbs of the Milky Way? This book shows that there is. In their classic work, John Barrow and Frank Tipler examine the question of Mankind's place in the Universe, taking the reader on a tour of many scientific disciplines and offering fascinating insights into issues such as the nature of life, the serach for extraterrestrial intelligence, and the past… 
What, If Anything, Is the Anthropic Cosmological Principle Telling Us?
There can be no doubt that the evolution undergone by our ideas concerning the universe from ancient until very recent times has been characterized, on the one hand, by the removal of the earth, and
We discuss the Carter's formula about the mankind evolution probability following the derivation proposed by Barrow and Tipler. We stress the relation between the existence of billions of galaxies
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I conclude from these accidents of physics and astronomy that the universe is an unexpectedly hospit? able place for living creatures to make their home in. Being a scientist trained in the habits of
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The place of an anthropic argument in the discrimination between various cosmological models is to be reconsidered following the classic criticisms of Paul C. W. Davies and Frank J. Tipler. Different
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The usage of the anthropic principle in modern cosmology is reviewed. It is argued that its recent use to explain the observedvalues of cosmological parameters as most probable values for an ensemble
Impact of the Multiverse Hypothesis on the Anthropic Cosmological Principle as Evidence of God ’ s Existence
Beginning with Kepler, Copernicus, and Galileo, our access to the heavens has been enhanced through technology. We have been challenged in our philosophical assumptions with scientific evidence that
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the various types of physical universe which could exist according to modern mathematical physics. The paper begins with an introduction that approaches the
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We discuss some of the cosmological constraints on the evolution and persistence of life in the Universe and in hypothetical universes other than our own. We highlight the role played by the age and
What the anthropic principle can tell us about the future of the dark energy universe
An anthropic explanation for evident smallness of the value of the dark energy implies the existence of a time-dependent component of the scalar field, serving, together with a negative-valued