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The Andes in focus : security, democracy, and economic reform

  title={The Andes in focus : security, democracy, and economic reform},
  author={Russell C. Crandall and Guadalupe Paz and Riordan Roett},
Introduction: The Pursuit of Stability in the Andes - R. Crandall. Colombia: Staving Off Partial Collapse - J. Sweig and M. McCarthy. Bolivia: Democracy under Pressure - R. Orias. Peru: The Trauma of Post Democratic Consolidation - R. Orias. Venezuela: Revolutionary Changes under Chavez - J.C. Sainz. Ecuador: Democracy and Economy in Crisis - F. Rivera Velez and F. Ramirez Gallegos. U.S. Policy in the Andes: Commitments and Commitment Traps - M. Williams. From Drugs to Security: A New U. S… 
Despite Insurgency: Reducing Military Prerogatives in Colombia and Peru
  • W. Avilés
  • Political Science
    Latin American Politics and Society
  • 2009
Abstract Colombia and Peru made significant progress in reducing the institutional prerogatives of their respective militaries in the 1990s and 2000s while reforming their economies in a neoliberal
Comparing Critical Junctures: The Democratic Inclusion of Social Movements in Norway and Latin America
Abstract Latin America is currently characterised by the rise of a number of strong social movements and the election of governments that have their support. This has given rise to hopes for the
Understanding Latin American Politics
This textbook integrates domestic and international factors for understanding Latin American politics. The thematic structure of the book is to utilize three different levels of analysis to explain
Throughout the 1990s and into this century, analysts have failed to predict the emergence of major financial crises in Latin America. From the Mexican peso crisis of 1994 to the Argentine
The Indigenous Vote in Ecuador's 2002 Presidential Election
The Ecuadorian Indian movement entered electoral politics in 1996 through the Pachakutik political party. For the 2002 presidential and congressional elections, Pachakutik made an alliance with
Resources and race: assisted reproduction in Ecuador
  • E. S. Roberts
  • Political Science
    Reproductive biomedicine & society online
  • 2016
IVF-GLOBAL HISTORIES Resources and race : assisted reproduction in Ecuador
This article considers the early period of development of IVF in Ecuador, focusing on factors that shaped the decade after the nation's first successful IVF birth (1992–2002). It describes how a
Scars of Nation: Surgical Penetration and the Ecuadorian State
In Ecuador, middle-class women, and increasingly more working-class women, eagerly pay to be scarred. Cesarean sections carried out in private clinics leave a lateral scar— the mark of women not