The Ancient Inca Town Named Huayna Picchu

  title={The Ancient Inca Town Named Huayna Picchu},
  author={Donato Amado Gonzales and Brian S. Bauer},
  journal={{\~N}awpa Pacha},
  pages={17 - 31}
This paper assesses the original name of the Inca settlement now known as Machu Picchu. We examine three data sources: the field notes of Hiram Bingham, toponyms on nineteenth century maps, and information recorded in seventeenth century documents. The results uniformly suggest that the Inca city was originally called Picchu, or more likely Huayna Picchu, and that the name Machu Picchu became associated with the ruins starting in 1911 with Bingham’s publications. Este documento evalúa el nombre… 


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