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The Anatomy of Story

  title={The Anatomy of Story},
  author={J. David Truby},
  • J. Truby
  • Published 30 October 2007
  • Sociology

A Figured Worlds Perspective on Middle School Learners' Climate Literacy Development.

Title of Document: A FIGURED WORLDS PERSPECTIVE ON MIDDLE SCHOOL LEARNERS’ CLIMATE LITERACY DEVELOPMENT Emily Hestness Doctorate of Philosophy 2016 Directed By: Dr. J. Randy McGinnis Department of

Dynamic Storytelling: How to Build Suspense

The narrative sentence is up, the protagonist found. Now the fieldwork begins: recording, writing the script and not getting lost in the material. The plot is designed and gradually filled. The story

Who Speaks: Developing and Implementing a Narrative Attitude

No other element shapes the sonic narrative like the narrator. They are the anchor, leading the way through the story, giving guidance and building a relationship with the listeners. The narrator has

No Story Without Structure: Plot Development

Many audio reporters still simply start writing at some point, probably without thinking much about the course of the story. They know (from experience) that it will work out one way or the other

Lionni's Little Blue and Little Yellow: The Joy of the Encounter

Little blue and little yellow is a narration through images. In this article, the iconic language and the verbal language are analysed. As for the visual code, it discusses the illustration’s task of

Human-Guided Evolutionary Story Narration

This paper presents a methodology which can transform a story written in English into an event-level and hierarchical-level grammar using a network representation and demonstrates that this approach is successful in evolving better narrations as assessed by 31 human participants.

Fe b 20 16 Temporal Network Analysis of Literary Texts

We study temporal networks of characters in literature focusing on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) by Lewis Carroll and the anonymous La Chanson de Roland (around 1100). The former, one of

Il reframing argomentativo su istituzioni e valori nella pratica di sceneggiatura

The literary theory by W.C. Booth highlights that storytelling is a form of argumentative discourse about values. In order to create engagement in a story it is essential to guide the reader towards

Cinematic Structure : The emergence of "je ne sais quoi"

Tampere University of Applied Sciences Degree programme in film and television, editing MERCER, BENJAMIN ALEXANDER: Cinematic Structure: The emergence of je ne sais quoi Dissertation 39 pages