The Analysis of Sociograms using Matrix Algebra

  title={The Analysis of Sociograms using Matrix Algebra},
  author={Leon Festinger},
  journal={Human Relations},
  pages={153 - 158}
  • L. Festinger
  • Published 1 April 1949
  • Mathematics
  • Human Relations
On the determination of redundancies in sociometric chains
The use of a matrix to represent a relationship between the members of a group is well known in sociometry. If this matrix is raised to a certain power, the elements appearing give the total number
Graph Theoretic Methods in the Management Sciences
The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the potential utility of graph theoretical methods for the management sciences. In a series of joint papers (16, 17, 18,19, 20) with I. C. Ross, we have
Statistical Analysis of Multiple Sociometric Relations.
Loglinear models are adapted for the analysis of multivariate social networks, a set of sociometric relations among a group of actors that allows for the partitioning of the actors into blocks or subgroups.
Development of Visualization Tools for Dynamic Networks and Evaluation of Visual Stability Characteristics
There is a trade-off between the user experience and the efficiency of the visual search, which depends on the visual stability of a dynamic graph drawing, which was used to develop visually stable metaphors.
The complexity of interdependent structural systems greatly complicates the analysis of any single structure. This is particularly the case when a structure represents some behavioral process. For
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ELECTRONIC computers combine for the first time the ability to handle masses of quantitative data with the ability to take into account structural connections between various parts. The memory of a
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Communication per se is a relatively complex social process with many dimensions. Essential functions in any social system are accomplished through processes of communication. These essential
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relational pattern translated into relations between actors. This means that all abstract models of social structure are quantitatively linked to observed relations. Models abstracting role-sets


An Experimental Sociographic Study of a Stratified 10th Grade Class
A YEAR AGO we described a projected /..~ study of a ioth grade high school IL class, indicating some initial findings.' In June, I944, this work was concluded and the present paper is an overall
A Mathematical Model for Group Structures
Many kinds of theories have been developed to explain human behavior. They may be classified in many ways - in terms of outstanding men, of schools of psychology, in terms of the emphasis placed upon