The Ammonites of the Bifrons Zone (Toarcian, Lower Jurassic) from Mihailovići (Northern Montenegro)

  title={The Ammonites of the Bifrons Zone (Toarcian, Lower Jurassic) from Mihailovi{\'c}i (Northern Montenegro)},
  author={L. Metodiev and Dragoman Rabrenovi{\'c} and Ivana Mojsi{\'c} and Daria A. Ivanova and E. Koleva-Rekalova and Vladan J. Radulovi{\'c}},
The base of the red pelagic nodular limestones exposed near the Mihailovići Pass (Northern Montenegro) yielded condensed Toarcian fossil assemblage consisting uniquely of ammonites. The ammonites were collected from marker horizon associated with prominent hardground surface. This assemblage is composed both of species of worldwide distribution and proper Tethyan dispersal. It includes frequent Lytoceratina and common Phylloceratina and Ammonitina. The latter allowed the biostratigraphic… Expand
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