The Ames dwarf gene is required for Pit-1 gene activation.

  title={The Ames dwarf gene is required for Pit-1 gene activation.},
  author={Bogi Andersen and Richard Pearse and Keith J. Jenn{\'e} and Mark W. Sornson and S C Lin and Andrzej Bartke and Michael G. Rosenfeld},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={172 2},
The tissue-specific POU domain transcription factor Pit-1 is required for phenotypic specification of three cell types in the anterior pituitary gland of mammals: somatotropes, thyrotropes, and lactotropes. Mutations in the Pit-1 gene, as first described in Snell and Jackson dwarf (dw) mice, led to pituitary hypoplasia due to lack of these three cell types, as well as hypothyroidism and dwarfism because of deficiency of thyroid-stimulating hormone and growth hormone, respectively. The Ames… CONTINUE READING
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