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The American cockroach, Periplanta americana, as an intermediate host of the pentastomid, Raillietiella hemidactyli.

  title={The American cockroach, Periplanta americana, as an intermediate host of the pentastomid, Raillietiella hemidactyli.},
  author={M. M. J. Lavoipierre and M. M. J. Lavoipierre},
  journal={The Medical journal of Malaya},
  volume={20 1},
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Human and Animal Pentastomiasis in Malaysia : Review

Human pentastomiasis was reported among aborigines in West and East Malaysia, and Armillifer moniliformis was identified  in wild animals and carnivores with infection rate 1.8% and 20.7% respectively.

Sarcocystis spp. and Pentastomes in Southeast Asia

This chapter will focus on sarcocystosis and pentastomiasis cases among humans and animals.

A revision of the taxonomy of the blunt-hooked Raillietiella, pentastomid parasites of African, South-East-Asian and Indonesian lizards, with a description of a new species

By using comparative hook data and a standardized annulus counting procedure, it is shown that at least three of the earlier described Raillietiella with blunt tips to the posterior hooks are valid and a new species, R. frenatus, is described.

Experimental life-cycle studies ofRaillietiella Sambon, 1910 (Pentastomida: Cephalobaenida): the fourth-stage larva is infective for the definitive host

  • H. Bosch
  • Biology
    Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde
  • 2004
The larval development in the intermediate host of threeRaillietiella species which utilize lizards as definitive hosts and insects as intermediate hosts has been studied and a fourth-stage larva is to be expected as infective larva not only of lizard railietiellids but also of snake raillietIEllids.

Experimental life-cycle studies of Raillietiella gehyrae Bovien, 1927 and Raillietiella frenatus Ali, Riley and Self, 1981: pentastomid parasites of geckos utilizing insects as intermediate hosts

SUMMARY The life-cycles of two closely related cephalobaenid pentastomids, Raillietiella gehyrae and Raillietiella frenatus, which utilize geckos as definitive hosts and cockroaches as intermediate

Recent advances in our understanding of pentastomid reproductive biology

Spermathecal structure provides some clues as to how prolonged sperm storage and the continuous fertilization of oocytes is accomplished and some unusual variations on the normal pentastomid life-cycle are discussed.