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The American Monomyth

  title={The American Monomyth},
  author={Robert E. Jewett and John S. Lawrence},
The Athletic Body
The visual similarity of the contemporary athletic body and that of the comic book superhero suggests that both bodies carry a similar potential for narrative story-telling, and that their attraction is bound up with this narrative potential.
Great Expectations: The Role of Myth in 1980s Films with Child Heroes
This study performed a mythic analysis on three films with child heroes including E.T. – the Extra-Terrestrial, Stand by Me, and The Goonies. Several unifying themes were extracted and then compared
The Punisher: A Cultural Image of the ‘Moral Wound’
The concept of “moral wound” has in recent years re-entered the scientific debate centered on war experiences of soldiers and veterans from predominantly Western societies, previously dominated by
Modern Classic in the Web Environment: Narrative Variations of V. Nabokov’s Lolita in Fanfiction
Abstract The main focus of this paper is on the narrative strategy used by fan writers in the process of interpretation of a modern classic. The research is based on the hypothesis that
Hyper-Real Religion, Lovecraft and the Cult of The Evil Dead
The article deals with the media franchise “The Evil Dead” in the con‑ text of new religiousity. The author addresses the reasons of the in‑ creasing reputation of the franchise as an important
Disrupting Symmetry: Jean-Luc Nancy and Luce Irigaray on Myth and the Violence of Representation
Through myths that pattern and repeat we figure the world to ourselves. The desire to be done with myth, to surpass mythic thinking in favor of a “more” rational way of thinking, is but one way of
Folk tales and organizational change: an integrative model for Chinese management
  • Ronald Busse
  • Business
    Inside the Changing Business of China
  • 2019
ABSTRACT The pace of both incremental adaption and sweeping change accelerates at all levels in Chinese organizations. Hence, its members develop mental models of simplification to cope with and to