The American Journal of Sociology Through Fifty Years

  title={The American Journal of Sociology Through Fifty Years},
  author={Ethel Shanas},
  journal={American Journal of Sociology},
  pages={522 - 533}
  • E. Shanas
  • Published 1945
  • Sociology
  • American Journal of Sociology
The first number of the American Journal of Sociology appeared in July, 1895. Its purposes, as outlined by its editor, Albion W. Small, were: (1) to build up a fund of social theory, (2) to make sociology a living discipline, (3) to promote the general welfare, and (4) to serve as a restraining influence on "premature" logical opinion. In its fifty years the Journal has published 2,373 articles. During its career the Journal has been a vehicle for the expression of sociological thinking and for… Expand
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