The American Conference on Pharmacometrics 2017 (ACoP8)


Welcome to the Sixth American Conference on Pharmacometrics (ACoP6) in Crystal City, VA. The International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP) is the premier global organization in the field of pharmacometrics, with growing membership from over 30 countries in five continents. The mission of ISoP is to promote and advance the discipline of pharmacometrics through integration, innovation, and impact. As the annual meeting of our growing society, ACoP reflects this mission by featuring outstanding scientific programs and abundant networking opportunities for attendees from around the globe. Our Scientific Programing Committee, chaired by Dr. Robert Bies, has arranged for best-in-class scientific programs to highlight the latest research and applications in pharmacometrics. ACoP6 is proud to offer 12 symposia, 3 tutorials, and the popular open forum during the conference, as well as educational workshops to be held immediately before and after the meeting. Symposia and the open forum offer presentations and discussions of scientific frontiers in pharmacometrics, including: methodological advancements in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP), categorical data analysis, big data, and IT platforms, as well as hot topics in oncology, immunology, rare diseases, pediatrics, biologics, and regulatory interactions. Our free tutorials this year provide excellent opportunities to learn new skills such as R Shiny, automated model selection, and workflow, approaches, and software tools for QSP. Students and trainees will enjoy special programs including the wellreceived Mentoring Session and a new training event on Effective Communication in Modeling and Simulation. Our society has expanded its scope into QSP with a newly established Special Interest Group (SIG), which is chaired by Dr. CJ Musante. In addition to a symposium and tutorial sponsored by the QSP SIG, interested ACoP6 attendees can attend the Meet the QSP SIG Luncheon to meet the leadership and steering groups and learn how to get involved in this exciting initiative. ACoP6 will feature a Keynote Lecture by Dr. James Collins (MIT) on Drugs and Bugs in the Age of Network Biology, and a State-of-the-Art Lecture by Dr. Kevin Hall (NIH/NIDDK) on The Calculus of Calories: Quantitative Physiology of Human Metabolism and Body Composition Dynamics. In addition to these outstanding lecturers, please join us for the Award Presentation Sessions and congratulate the following exceptional scientists for their achievements at ACoP6: Dr. Larry Lesko will receive the Leadership Award, Dr. Steven Shafer will receive the Lewis B. Sheiner Lecturer Award, and Dr. Marc Lavielle will receive the Innovation Award. New in 2015, ACoP6 will expand its content with an inaugural pre-conference, Enabling Environments in which Pharmacometrics and Biostatistics Help Produce Robust Development and Regulatory Strategies on October 4th, co-chaired by Dr. Vikram Sinha and Dr. Brian Smith. This pre-conference meeting will provide a forum for discussing the current challenges faced by pharmacometricians and statisticians as well as strategies to foster and advance the & Donald E. Mager

DOI: 10.1007/s10928-017-9538-9

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