The American Communist Movement: Storming Heaven Itself

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How Can We Write Better Histories of Communism?

The fall 2018 issue of Labour/Le Travail establishes how scholarship on the Communist Party of Canada (cpc) remains a vital field of study in the history of the working class. Three of the four

Rethinking the Popular Front

The history of the Communist International's Popular Front line (1935–9, 1941–5) represents a battleground between “traditional” scholars who see the line simply as a passing tactic and

What the Spiders Did: U.S. and Soviet Counterintelligence before the Cold War

Counterintelligence history has too often relied on a wilderness of mirrors trope, which suggests that the discipline is driven by personalities and self-delusion. Using the newly available Vassiliev

The Communist Party of Australia and proletarian internationalism,1928-1945

The theory and practice of ‘proletarian internationalism’ was a vital dimension of the modus operandi of communist parties worldwide. It was a broadly encompassing concept that profoundly influenced