The American Challenge to British Hegemony, 1861–1947*

  title={The American Challenge to British Hegemony, 1861–1947*},
  author={Peter J. Hugill},
  journal={Geographical Review},
  pages={403 - 425}
  • P. Hugill
  • Published 1 July 2009
  • History
  • Geographical Review
ABSTRACT. In The Shaping of America Donald Meinig describes a United States averse to challenging Britain geostrategically but emerging as a powerhouse economy by the late 1890s. But America embarked on a sustained economic struggle with Britain in 1861 by embracing protectionism; America's Civil War ironclads were as much to resist Britain as fight the Confederacy; and in 1866 uss Miantonomoh helped persuade Britain to reconsider, then pay, the Alabama Claims. Britain never retaliated in the… 
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(The place of publication is London and the date 2009 unless otherwise stated.)
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