The American Asiatic Association and the Imperialist Imaginary of the American Pacific

  title={The American Asiatic Association and the Imperialist Imaginary of the American Pacific},
  author={John R. Eperjesi},
  journal={boundary 2},
  pages={195 - 219}
Internationalism, in other words, has been one of the constitutive traditions of the Left, but in this age of late capitalism it is best to recognize that certain kinds of internationalism also arise more or less spontaneously out of the circuits of imperialist capital itself, and the line between the internationalism of the Left and the globalism of capitalist circuits must always be demarcated as rigorously as possible. —Aijaz Ahmad, In Theory 
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Transpacific American Studies and Global Indigeneity
  • P. Giles
  • History
    Journal of American Studies
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As University of Chicago historian Bruce Cumings wrote in , “America has continuously shaped and been shaped by its Atlantic and Pacific dimensions, but the Atlantic influences remain dominant.”


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