The Ameliorating Effects of Garlic ( Allium sativum ) against Lead (Pb) Intoxication on Body Weight, Dressing Percentages, Feed Consumption and Feed Conversion Ratio in Lead Induced Broiler Chickens

  title={The Ameliorating Effects of Garlic ( Allium sativum ) against Lead (Pb) Intoxication on Body Weight, Dressing Percentages, Feed Consumption and Feed Conversion Ratio in Lead Induced Broiler Chickens},
  author={M. A. Hossain and M. Mostofa and Mohammad Nurul Alam and M. Sultana and M. Rahman},
  journal={Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary Medicine},
Lead (Pb) has extensive commercial and industrial use despite of its recognized as health hazard. The therapeutic application of garlic ( Allium sativum ) was investigated for preventing the toxic effect of lead (Pd) in lead exposed chickens. 350 commercial broiler chickens were grouped into five such as T 0 , T 1 , T 2 , T 3 and T 4 consisting of 70 birds each where T 0 served as control. T 1 was provided with lead acetate at 100mg/kg body weight, T 2 had 100mg/kg lead acetate + 1% garlic… Expand

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