The Alternating Current Induction Motor

  title={The Alternating Current Induction Motor},
  author={Charles Proteus Steinmetz},
  journal={Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers},
  • C. Steinmetz
  • Physics
  • Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers
Towards increased understanding of low-power induction and synchronous reluctance machines : harmonic modeling of complex electromagnetic phenomena
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Intelligent traction motor control techniques for hybrid and electric vehicles
A robust Fuzzy Logic based traction motor field-orientated control scheme is developed which can control multiple motor topologies and HEV/EV powertrain architectures without the need for re-tuning and can be tuned to meet a vehicle’s target dynamic objectives.
Dynamic Model of Wye Connected Induction Machine
In the paper, several models of the induction machines are derived in a comprehensible way with an emphasis on structural and parameter integrity of all models.
Comparison of methodologies for induction motor design
It is shown that even though the development and commercialization of the induction motor was quite rapid, the theory and understanding of the underlying physics kept pace and led to the so-called 'Golden Age' of induction motor development.
A Modern Analysis Approach of Induction Motor for Variable Speed Applications
The speed of the analytical approach is refined with the accuracy of the finite element method and the synergy between the two methods is maximized.
Induction machine stray loss from inter-bar currents
The adjusted equivalent circuit equations improve estimations of motor performance and allow identification of means to increase machine efficiency by minimizing the stray load loss due to inter-bar currents.
Conceptions de la conception pour le génie électrique : de l'approche " Objets -Savoirs - Méthodes - Outils " à l'approche " Systèmes - Connaissances - Compétences - Organisations
Les recherches presentees dans ce manuscrit ont comme objet d'etude la conception, et plus particulierement la conception en ingenierie electrique. Cette activite de recherche a connu un essor
A Very Rapid Prediction of IM Performance Combining Analytical and Finite-Element Analysis
A rapid and accurate analysis of the induction motor (IM) is the basis of any design process. This paper deals with an analysis procedure of the IM that combines a set of finite-element simulations
Controlling Harmonics in the Polyphase Induction Motor
The basic theory and design of the polyphase induction motor is reviewed and the nature of the individual harmonic motor fields is derived from theory. Characteristics of the individual harmonic
L'objectif de ce travail de these est de definir et de presenter une nouvelle approche de la conception sous contraintes de machines electriques. Celle-ci permet aux electrotechniciens d'utiliser