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The Alpha , Beta and Gamma Antigens of Clostridium histolyticum ( Weinberg & Sbguin , 1916 ) BY

  title={The Alpha , Beta and Gamma Antigens of Clostridium histolyticum ( Weinberg \& Sbguin , 1916 ) BY},
  author={C. and Ľ. and and},
Three antigenic components (a, 1, y ) are present in toxic culturefiltrstes of Cb&*diNm hidolytimrn. Of these a is the lethal and necrotiziq toxin, @ is a c o l h g e ~ , and y is a cysteine-activated proteinase which attacks altered collagen (e.g. hide-powder or azocoll) but not native collagen. The /3 and y-enzymes both attack gelatin. By methods based on the properties of these antigens, CI. histolyticum antisera am be tested for the corresponding antibodies. 
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The oxygen reduction pathway and heat shock stress response are both required for Entamoeba histolytica pathogenicity
The data suggest that in contrast with non-pathogenic E. dispar, the higher level of ORP and HSPs displayed by E. histolytica enables its survival in tissues by diminishing and detoxifying intracellular oxidants and repairing damaged proteins to allow metabolic fluxes, replication and immune evasion.


Fibrinolytic Properties of Filtrates of Clostridium histolyticum in Normal Saline and Dog Serum
It is probable that the use of filtrates of Cl. histolyticum as a fibrinolytic agent in dissolving fibrin deposits in vivo would not be feasible due to the antienzymatic properties of blood serum.
Fibrinolysins from Gas Gangrene Anaerobes
In the following experiments, as well as those summarized above, all organisms were grown in chopped meat medium and tests for fibrinolysis, anticlotting or clotting factors made after 18 to 20 hours' iincubation were conducted.
The production by certain species of Clostridium of enzymes disintegrating hide powder.
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There was some evidence that the different enzymes affecting hide powder are antigenically related, but no definite conclusion is possible, since the antisera employed may have contained antibodies to the lytic enzymes of a number of different organisms.
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