The Almoravid Expansion and the Downfall of Ghana

  title={The Almoravid Expansion and the Downfall of Ghana},
  author={D. Lange},
Il n'existe qu'un guide serieux concernant l'histoire medievale de l'Afrique occidentale, a savoir un resume ecrit par l'historien arabe Ibn Khaldūn. Ce document traite des soulevements historiques qui eurent lieu dans le grand royaume du Ghana, situe quelque part entre le fleuve Senegal a l'ouest et la ville de Gao a l'est. La periode concernee s'etend du milieu du 11e siecle jusqu'au milieu du 13e siecle, qui fut apparemment une periode de declin du royaume, engendre par la puissance montante… Expand
Populations and Climatic Evolution in North Tropical Africa from the End of the Neolithic to the Dawn of the Modern Era
At the end of the Neolithic Era, during the third millennium BCE, there were fewer humid periods, and the sub-Saharan and Sahelian zones from the Atlantic to Lake Chad assumed their currentExpand
The Pre-Islamic Dimension of Hausa History
For too long historians have looked at the past of the Hausa people from the angle of Arabic texts alone. This approach is hampered by the limitations of the source material: the Arabic texts are fewExpand
The MCP-1 (CCL2) -2518 GG genotype is associated with protection against pulmonary tuberculosis in Moroccan patients.
The results are in agreement with recent findings in Ghanaian patients, complying with the known genetic admixture of the Moroccan population. Expand
Ansätze zur Berücksichtigung von Umweltaspekten in der Investitionsplanung
Eine der ersten Arbeiten, die sich mit der Einbeziehung von Aspekten des Umweltschutzes in die Unternehmensplanung beschaftigt, ist der Beitrag von Eichhorn.315 Eichhorn zeigt die Problematik desExpand
History Of Ghana