The All-wavelength Extended Groth Strip International Survey (aegis) Data Sets

  title={The All-wavelength Extended Groth Strip International Survey (aegis) Data Sets},
  author={Martin H. Davis and Puragra Guhathakurta and Nick P. Konidaris and Jeffrey A. Newman and Matthew L. N. Ashby and Andy D. Biggs and Pauline Barmby and Kevin A. Bundy and S C Chapman and Alison L. Coil and Christopher J. Conselice and Michael C. Cooper and Darren Croton and Peter Eisenhardt and Richard S. Ellis and Sandra M. Faber and Taotao Fang and Giovanni G. Fazio and A. Georgakakis and Brian F. Gerke and Will Goss and Stephen D. J. Gwyn and Justin Harker and Andrew M. Hopkins and J. Huang and R J Ivison and S. A. Kassin and Evan N. Kirby and Anton M. Koekemoer and David C. Koo and Elise S. Laird and Emeric Le Floc’h and Lee Lin and Jennifer M. Lotz and Philip J. Marshall and D. Chris Martin and A. J. Metevier and Leonidas A. Moustakas and Kirpal Nandra and K. G. Noeske and Casey M. Papovich and Andrew E. Phillips and R. Michael Rich and George H. Rieke and Dimitra Rigopoulou and Samir Elsaid Salim and David Schiminovich and Luc Simard and Ian R. Smail and Todd A. Small and Benjamin J. Weiner and Christopher N. A. Willmer and Steven P. Willner and Gillian D Wilson and Edward L. Wright and Renbin Yan},
In this the first of a series of Letters, we present a panchromatic data set in the Extended Groth Strip region of the sky. Our survey, the All-Wavelength Extended Groth Strip International Survey (AEGIS), aims to study the physical properties and evolutionary processes of galaxies at . It includes the following deep, wide-field imaging data sets: z ∼ 1 Chandra/ACIS X-ray, GALEX ultraviolet, CFHT/MegaCam Legacy Survey optical, CFHT/CFH12K optical, Hubble Space Telescope/ACS optical and NICMOS… CONTINUE READING