The Algebra of Inheritance: A Rehabilitation of Al-Khuwarizmi

  title={The Algebra of Inheritance: A Rehabilitation of Al-Khuwarizmi},
  author={Solomon Gandz},
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  • S. Gandz
  • Published 1 January 1938
  • Computer Science
  • Osiris

People of the Book: Empire and Social Science in the Islamic Commonwealth Period

  • Musa al-Gharbi
  • Sociology
    Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World
  • 2021
Social science is often described as a product of nineteenth-century Europe and as a handmaiden to its imperial and colonial projects. However, centuries prior to the Western social science

Mathematical Philology in the Treatise on Double False Position in an Arabic Manuscript at Columbia University

This article examines an Arabic mathematical manuscript at Columbia University’s Rare Book and Manuscript Library (or. 45), focusing on a previously unpublished set of texts: the treatise on the

Statistics in Islamic Scriptures and Legacy

Statistics as a modern discipline has emerged and developed as part of the development of scientific inquiry. While Islamic civilization has contributed to many key areas of modern knowledge, one of

Kitāb al-Waṣāyā (The Book of Legacies) and the Works of Mathematician Abū Kāmil Shujāʿ b. Aslam

Abū Kāmil Shujāʿ b. Aslam al-Miṣrī (fl. 3rd/9th c.) was an important medieval algebraist and successor of Muḥammad b. Mūsā l-Khwārizmī (d. ca. 235/850). His major work on algebra, Kitāb fī l-Jabr

Algebra in the Islamic World

Many ancient mathematical works contain problems requiring the discovery of an unknown quantity, and some of them are concerned with solving these problems.

Science, Technology And Innovation Based Religious: An Analysis

Education plays important role in developing country especially science education. Last few centuries ago, Islamic countries fall behind in science and technology compared to Western countries

Algebra im Islam

Viele fruhe mathematische Arbeiten enthalten Probleme, bei denen eine unbekannte Grose zu bestimmen ist. Manchmal ist dies eine geometrische Grose, die mit bekannten Grosen uber Bedingungen in



That is the meaning of haibahu

    money to -of its original amount

      legacy of B to A is called ba'du-l-shay, "part of x", (83) i.e. y, because y must be smaller than x

        That is the meaning of 'aqdla: "he cancelled the purchase and excused