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The Alamo as a Pyrrhic Victory: The Mexican Experience in the Battle of the Alamo

  title={The Alamo as a Pyrrhic Victory: The Mexican Experience in the Battle of the Alamo},
  author={Stephanie Matyszczyk},
At the Battle of San Jacinto, General Sam Houston said "Remember the Alamo!" The question however is how should we remember it? Do we remember it as the American icon of freedom and liberty that has forever idolized figures such as Davy Crockett, James Bowie, and William Barret Travis? Before this question can be answered, one must first have a more precise understanding of what occurred at the Alamo. This can only be gained by looking at the battle from not only the side of the Texan rebels… 


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The Alamo Remembered: Tejano Accounts and Perspectives. TIMOTHY M. MATOVINA. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1995. xii. 146 pp., figures, bibliography, index, illustrations.
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Contents Preface Map Prologue * In the Footsteps of History *"The Free Born Sons of America" *"The Bones of Warriors" *"Those Proud Tow'rs" *"VICTORY or DEATH" INTERLUDE * In Search of Davy's Grave *