The Ajellomycetaceae, a new family of vertebrate-associated Onygenales.

  title={The Ajellomycetaceae, a new family of vertebrate-associated Onygenales.},
  author={Wendy A. Untereiner and James A. Scott and Françoise A Naveau and Lynne Sigler and Jason Bachewich and Andrea Angus},
  volume={96 4},
Phylogenies inferred from the analysis of DNA sequence data have shown that the Onygenales contains clades that do not correspond with previously described families. One lineage identified in recent molecular phylogenetic studies includes the dimorphic pathogens belonging to the genera Ajellomyces, Emmonsia and Paracoccidioides. To evaluate the degree of support for this lineage and determine whether it includes additional taxa, we examined relationships among the members of this clade and… CONTINUE READING

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